The Ride

Simply- It’s a bike ride– a long bike ride– from Thailand to Europe via the ancient Silk Road. Lush jungles, arid deserts and glorious mountains will be the backdrop to this expedition into an area of the world that is not widely explored by the everyday traveler.

On March 8, 2018, The International Day of the Woman, I set off from Chiang Mai, Thailand. For the first few months, I headed North through Thailand, Laos, and China. Then, I moved West.

I started this journey alone, only accompanied by my trusty steed and a couple of empty journals. About a month and a half in, I met three other cyclists who accompanied me through China and the Mongolian steppe and i’m still with one of them months later!

Throughout the ride I have been fundraising for the Happy Kids Center! The goal is $12,000, which will cover an entire years worth of our costs at HKC!!

So yes, this is a bike ride. But really, its the inner journey that I’m after– an inner journey and a positive impact on our community in Nepal.