The Route

The route shown above is a combination of pins from my last bike ride from Thailand to Spain and the current one, undertaken with Zoe Shwidock across what is called the United States of America.

Spring 2018

Around March 3rd, I will be flying into Kunming, China. The plan is to head north through Yunnan province into Szechuan province. Depending on visa restrictions, I will either continue cycling north through Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces, or take a train that would land me in Urumqi. I’ll continue cycling from Urumqi into Kazakhstan.

Summer 2018

I’ll only be crossing a tiny portion the vast, curious land of Kazakhstan for a few days before I cross into Kyrgyzstan, brave the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, and enjoy legendary hospitality and culture in Uzbekistan. It’s still undecided if I will cross into Turkmenistan for the Turkmen Desert Dash (there’s only a 5-day transit visa to cross the whole country!) or continue north in Uzbekistan where I will, hopefully, catch a ride across the worlds biggest lake, on a cargo boat to Baku, Azerbaijan. 

Fall 2018

This is where the plan gets a little bit fuzzy. My hopes are to cross into Georgia and Armenia, before crossing into my final country, Turkey. I chose Izmir as the end city because of some information I learned this past year regarding my family history. After the Spanish inquisition, my family on my maternal side relocated to Izmir where generations lived for 400 years. My hope is to stop there and learn more about my history and the culture of this now familial land.

This is my plan, 90 days before take-off.

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