Why Happy Kids Center?

Our Mission

Happy Kids Center’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, end child labor and see our girls reach 18 before being married.

The Concept

At HKC, it is our philosophy that change comes at the hands of those who seek it. We do not consider ourselves a charity, but a vehicle of change. We believe our role as a community organization is to provide children and their families with access to opportunities and a sense of agency that may allow them to create a different kind of future for themselves and the future generations. We generate change through the creation of safe spaces, increased access to education, vocational skill building, health programming, and emotional empowerment.

In the next ten years, many of the children we work with today will be adults and the leaders in this community and future program coordinators at HKC.  In addition to facilitating improved socio-economic standing, we hope we will have armed our Happy Kids with knowledge and confidence, empowering them to be the change they wish to see in their community. While we hope the future holds increased opportunity for the children currently enrolled in our programs, ultimately the changes occurring today will have the greatest influence on the next generation of children in this cycle; the children of our Happy Kids.

100% Use of Donations

100% of the donations given for this fundraiser will be used to fulfil our mission–breaking the cycle of poverty in our small community in Bhaktapur, Nepal.


  1. The Center: Where Imagination is Endless

The Happy Kids Center is open Monday to Saturday from 4:00 pm -6:00 pm. The center is open to any child or parent who wants to participate but tends to serve a community of 60 children. Attendance at HKC is not compulsory and children come and go as they please each day.

  1. EducateHKC: Treating Education as a Child’s Full-Time Job

Through EducateHKC, 6 children receive sponsorship to attend private school and 2 children receive financial aid. 62% of children included are female, 62% are of Indian descent, 25% are Dyola, and 13% are from other ethnic minorities.

  1. Kanya String of Hope: A Child Marriage Prevention Program

Kanya String of Hope engages 10 unmarried girls, ages 11-16 of Indian descent.

  1. HKC Health: Providing access to quality healthcare to all

Through HKC’s health program any family can apply for financial assistance to cover necessary healthcare costs.

  1. Meals4HKC: Weekly Community Meal Days

Meal days are serving approximately 80-100 children and parents each week.

Prior to the launch of EducateHKC and Kanya String of Hope (2017) approximately only 44% of children were enrolled in school while 56% of children were engaged in, or at risk of becoming engaged in child labor. As of December 2018, 89% of children are enrolled in school, either through EducateHKC or enrolled in partner government schools so as to be eligible for other HKC programs (Kanya String of Hope.) Today only 8% of children are engaged in child labor, with no new children joining the workforce since 2016. The children who continue to engage in child labor do so in addition to attending school.

You in? Hell yeah!!!

As mentioned before, every cent raised from this fundaiser is helping us break the cycle of poverty by funding our programs and paying our local staff. By donating $100 you are providing a community meal, paying for a life-saving surgery like Krishna’s, prolonging a girls time before marriage, helping a kid succeed in school. What would you be spending that $100 on? At HKC, we truly believe in the power of education, access to health, a sense of community and childhood to create lasting change for these families and for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of the solution. Every donor will be mentioned on the supporters page and in the book that I intend to publish at the end of this journey. THANK YOU ENDLESSLY!!

Who supports us? 

Read more about Happy Kids Center: happykidscenter.org

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