The Riders

Nicole Heker here! I’m a 28 year old chick who has recently returned to the US after 5 years abroad where I both lived and worked and discovered my love for cycle touring. My last ride was a big one– it birthed this site and the name Unlearning By Bike. That is my life long journey- to unlearn everything. I’ve done this through big gestures like riding my bike solo from Thailand to Spain but also through daily life choices. I’ve fallen in love with farming these days and will be undertaking a new medicinal herb growing project with my partner in crime Zoë upon our return to Maine!

Hey there – I’m Zoë Shwidock! Much like Nicole, I’m also a 28 year old woman who returned to the States after five years of exploring the world, yet never by bike! Feeling such inspiration from Nicole’s first ride + this growing desire to finally adventure through this country that I’m from yet barely understand, I decided to get a bike of my own and set out with my best friend!

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